Turtle Beach x12 issues?

I recently purchased a new turtle beach x12 and used it maybe 3 times. When I went to use it on my xbox it would make a buzzing noise only other players could hear, even when the mic was set to mute. I restarted my xbox and my controller wouldn’t connect to my xbox. It had the 4 lights flashing and would only connect if I completely disconnected my mic but if I reconnect my mic then my controller would disconnect or the mic wouldn’t turn on. At times I would be able to get the mic and controller to both connect but if I join a party I wouldn’t be able to hear anyone in it but they could hear me. I ordered a replacement but anyone familiar with this issue and how to fix it?

Use using the Xbox plug and play kit? If so that’s the reason. Another reason could be if you’re using a wired controller (SCUF controller), used to happen to me also.

Yea, what Gengar said. The headphones buzzes when you plug it in while using your headset.

I’m using a regular wireless controller with 2 AA batteries. I also tried it with another controller and samething happened. Either everyone but me can hear a buzzing noise. My controllers won’t connect to my xbox and it is a pain to get them to reconnect. Or my controllers will connect, I hook up my mic and then I can’t talk as the mic symbol doesn’t appear in a party, I can’t hear anyone but the game audio will work.

It sounds like it may just be faulty. If you are still able to return it you should.

Huh, the only things I could assume are causing the problem are your:

  • Xbox controller
  • Microphone


1.) My buddy has this issue when plugging his controller into the default Xbox Plug-n-Play…His mic (Astro A40) will start buzzing, yet, with my Astros, it doesn’t produce a buzzing noise. Now, he hasn’t always had that specific controller so we’re guessing it’s just the controller/Plug-n-Play not jive together.)

2.) Like others have already stated, you could have purchased a faulty X12; my buddy has been using a pair of X12s for some time now and he hasn’t seemed to have any issues with them.

Another buddy of mine told me that his X11s used to produce a small buzzing noise rather than a constant, annoying buzz so his were able to be blocked out with time.

Good luck!

I just ordered a replacement from Amazon and should arrive in a week. I just never heard of this issue before where the mic would cause the controller to be unable to connect to the xbox.