[TUT] Assassins Creed: Revelations - Unlimited Money - Video Tutorial

So here is my video tutorial for the latest edition to the assassins creed franchise; Assassins Creed Revelations!

This video tutorial will show you how to hed edit your save game so that you have a near ‘unlimited’ amount of money, you wont run out throughout the entire game.

Is the link missing?

Link to what?

Sorry, my ad blocker was blocking the video from being displayed.

Hi. Please, could you change for me my money? I tried more time to change (one at time) each line i found with the correct value but nothing happened… :frowning: Maybe have i few fiorins (879)? Thank you very much!!!



do someboy know if / and how i can do this with my PS3 Savegame?

You need between 1000 and 2000. It seems to make it easier to mod that way.

it doesn’t work for everyone.


help?? It freezes each time.

either you aren’t doing it right or you need to get a bit more money and try again with different values

Sweet now someone make an editor I’m lazy lol

Has more than one person had success using his method??? I’m following this step by step and the game continues to freeze.

Try a different money value.

is this also possible for AC: Brotherhood?

yeah, exact same method.

update…this does work. it will take you a while to get unlimited money

As soon as you put FF FF FF into the hex and get it working, that’s basically unlimited, you won’t run out