[TUT] Black Ops GPD Modding!

What’s so great about this GPD?

  • Colored Classes
  • Your auto-aim is increased
  • Your clantag will say “3arc”

You may be asking yourself: Now how do I use this GPD? Well this is where my tutorial comes in handy. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to modding Call of Duty: Black Ops!

How to Replace your current GPD with the Modded One

[details=Open Me]Step 1: Download this GPD right here.

Step 2:Plug your HDD or USB in to the computer. (I will be using a HDD)

Step 3: Open up Xplorer360, Xport 360, or USB XTAF. (I will be using Xplorer360)

Step 4: Find your account that you want to be modded.

Step 5: Drag your account over to your desktop.

Step 6: Open up Horizon.

Step 7: Click to ‘Tools’ Tab.

Step 8: Click Package Manager:

Step 9: Click the ‘Open’ Tab.

Step 10: Open your account:

Step 11: Click ‘View Package Contents’

Step 12: Find the file called “41560855.gpd” and left click it.

Step 13: Click ‘Overwrite’ Then choose your Modded GPD.

Step 14: Click ‘Save’, but make sure you have the boxs checked like so:

Step 15: Drag your account back into your HDD or USB and overwrite the ‘Non-Modded’ one.

Step 16: Plug HDD in and rape some noobs.

Step 17: Click Thanks![/details]




Caboose for decrypting the GPD

S7 Pro for releasing it

I3 ii G zfor sharing the GPD with me

Me for making the tutorial!

So there you go XboxMB, I hope you like the tutorial I made as it took me awhile to create! Don’t forget to press thanks!

Picture of the colored classes:

Open Me

The auto aim works in multiplayer?
Also thanks for sharing :smiley:

Yes it does. Well atleast I think it does, either that or Im just raping today. lmao. I mean 36-1? That can’t be legit for me.

I would try but I don’t want to **** up my profile, I’ll try later.
Good post.

Press thanks pl0x :smiley:

im trying it now i did try a diff way but dint get it to work :confused:

ummm little help here i done everything you have done, when i go to multiplayer i have no coloured classes or the clantag so do i need to do anything for this to work? thanks.

Asking for thanks might as well have a sign and be on the corner…

Will this overwrite any other stats on the profile used one?

Stats as in acheivements? or actually leaderboards? they don’t change either way.

are you overwriting the orig account with the modded one? You have to do that for it to work.

Caboose is such a pro with security, is he on this site?

Edit: Of course he is.

oh so i overwight the orig one then do it again with my normal one?

guna try this soon, thanks :smiley:

Remember, it’s free gold weekend, make a second account and do it.

how much of an improvement is the autoaim?

On your HDD the Modded one overwrites the one thats not modded.

It works really well but they say its “slightly” improved.

yeah i know that i have put the GPD changed it to the modded one then saved and after i put my account back into my hard drive the one i just modded but when i load black ops go to multiplayer i dont have the classes or anything do i need to do anything else b4 i change the GPD? thanks.

Make sure to backup your old .gpd

Rehash and resign the account? and put it back on your HDD? I can teamview with you later if you need help.

yeah i done all that but i dont need to put my old GPD back into my account do i? sorry for all the questions :confused:

the download link isnt there

No you do not.