[TUT] Custom Gamerpic's

This is a tutorial on to give yourself custom gamerpic’s.(Only you will see it)

Things you Need
USB Explorer or Xport 360
USB or Transfer Cable
Xbox Profile Online or Offline
Photoshop (Optional)

Step 1
Move your profile to your USB or plug hard drive into comp via transfer cable.

Step 2
Open up USBXTAFGUI or Xport and extract you profile to the Desktop

Step 3
Open up your profile in Horizon or Modio and go to contents
your look for these

Step 4
Now you going to want to have whatever gamerpic you would like to have in two sizes, 64 x 64 and 32 x 32, Here’s two Gamerpic’s for you:

Step 5
Now to put these in your profile you just right click each png image and select “Overwrite…” and for each one that ends in 64 overwirte with the 64 x 64 and same thing for the ones ending in 32

Step 6
Rehash and Resign and put back on your xbox and enjoy your gamerpic!

iam definatly putting them as my gamerpicture

XboxMB gamerpic FTW

I have that ancient Horizon 360 gamer pic still with me, good times, good tut.

Note:they dont sync to XBL

Exactly. It’s still fun to do for when you see it but nobody else can see it :anguished:

I herd when you do this your the only one who gets to see it and the other people just see the picture that you had before.



Yea I wish there was a way to get it to sync to XBL. Nice tutorial nonetheless.

Damn, forgot to mention that.


what do other people see then, just a blank picture?

They see you old gamerpic.

Another note, your account gets fuked and you can’t unlock cheevos until you recover.
Not worth it. Get a vision cam noobs.

lol nice one thats a big save right there

Nice TuT, but useless.

Very good tut. This helped me a bit :smiley:

nice tut

Sorry for the necro bump, but does this still work?

I’m not very active here, but I can always be contacted on Reddit!

Typically you don’t bump that much on forums… but I’m not sure this one’s policy. Anyways, why don’t you try creating a fake silver xbl account and trying it yourself, rather than bumping a really old thread?