[TUT] FIFA 11 Online Pass For Free

[b]100% found by me. edit : found out someone had already found this apperantly.

This is for people who bought the pre-owned game and dont wanna pay 800msp for a pass that lets you play online or people who have a new account.

This may look abit weird and fake but I can’t believe the most stupidest thing saves you like $10[/b]TUT[b]1. Log into the account you want to redeem the pass on.
2. Go on fifa 11,xbox live and head to head and wait for online pass error to show up.
3. Click redeem code, and type in “1111111111111111111111111” thats 25 1s.
4. Click ok, and go down to confirm purchase and it should download!!.

MY video tut

I know a fake code that actually works, heres my story. I was trying a fake generator from the internet and none of the codes were working soo i got peed off and just pressed 1 twenty-one times and just pressed ok and no error popped up and i was like huh? and i went down to confirm purchase it and hit it and it started downloading and i had 0msp to start of with.

Don’t believe me? TRY IT!
I’ve done this on 3 of my accounts already.[/b]

If this works.

I will violently have passionate buttcex with you.

This is win if it works. But I bought my Fifa 11 when it was released.
Good tut though for people who need it. :wink:

It says please enter a valid code.

It works, I even done it on my friends xbox to see if it was just a glitch and it worked

did u put 25 1s

If this doesnt work ill send you my online pass for usb way.

Yes. It might be because i’m trying this on xbox.com.

Do it on xbox. You have to go on fifa 11. and when online pass pops up click redeem a code.

Anyways are you redeeming a code like it was a msp code? cos since when have you been able to redeem online passes on xbox.com?

Well, no. You said it was 25 letters so I assumed it was redeemable on xbox.com.

Go try it on xbox bet you it will work ive never know a fake code such as 25 1s work before and it did im soo ****ing chuffed

My friends trying to say he found this ages ago so idk if this is tru jsut added credits in video

Remove it from YouTube, because if it works with other EA games, then I dont want this patched.

I dont think it works with other ea games. I want to know how the **** a stupid code works and it works more than once?

It does work, I did It 3 days ago :slight_smile:

I did it again today

You going to give credit to my thread on TTG bro? :wink:

This works.

I used 1 [51] Times instead.

you think this will work for other games like this? Battlefield?


Patched, close please :cry:.