[TUT] Free Blackops DLC [TUT]

For NTSC: [nojtag.html"]This thread

For Pal: [.html"]This thread](https://www.wemod.com/forum/37-diamond-downloads/25991-blackops-strike-mapack-[pal)

Post comments below :smile:

If this works for me i’m going to love you forever!!!

i already love you forever! :confused:

How come you’re modded file thing has so much letters and numbers i find this thing so confusing haha.

Awww. Diamond - only download. :cry:

download teamveiwer & send me your ID and PASSWORD and ill do it for you… :smile:

Nice job bro…

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clever idea to put the links in diamond section :smile:

thanks dude hope you liked it :smile:

DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL GET A PERMABAN!!! (I saw that notice on TTG)

that is a load of crap because it is the same principle if a account on your xbox has bought the maps and a other account has not playing cod on the same xbox.

Very nice tut billy. (:
Especially the pal, i liked the touch. especially for people in different countries.

Then why on TTG tons of people have been banned? :confused:

Well then thats why i have 3 accounts:)

Because most likely the posted the GT on TTG and a staff of xbox have added them to a ban list.

well said Bro-SKI

if i was u i would put the vid to priv like 8 of my friends got a strike from this vid

i put it unlisted.

They got the first strike damn XD

I downloaded teamviewer can I PM you the stuff?

your not diamond sorry :smiley: