[TuT] Free Xbox Live VPN!

.::Free VPN For Xbox Live!::.

Video Tutorial:

(This does not give you free Xbox Live!)



[b]1. Have an Ethernet Cable going from your Xbox 360 Directly into your laptop!

  1. Make sure your Xbox 360 is turned on and you are signed out![/b]


[b]1. Go to proXPN.com, Create and account and download the free version(or buy it if you want)

  1. Open your Network and Sharing Center

  2. Go to Change Adapter Settings

  3. Right click on Local Area Connection 2 and click Properties

  4. Go to the Sharing Tab

  5. Check both boxes and under Home networking connection select Local Area connection

  6. Open proXPN and click Connect

  7. Now go to your Xbox Console and Sign in!

  8. Remember to have fun and stay safe![/b]

[size=25]Please contact me on AIM or xboxMB if you need any help with this!

~ zMoDz[/size]

what’s VPN?

Virtual Private Network

Its a Virtual Private Network, It will allow you to cover up your IP address

virtual private network, makes it look like u live some where els basically

virtual private network.

Great tut. me and Jake will use this.

thanks Justin.

Whats the song in the background?

On my level by Wiz Khalifa

kool imma do this
cuz some little ****sucker kept hostbooting me offline the other day but he had teh VPN ):

Damn nice.

Still interested in those 2 GB/S VPN’s Tho !

Its used to hide your IP to protect from DDoS or DoS attacks or any kind of “IP Hacking”

Basically you can now troll Xbox Live on some L33T H4Ck3Rs like zModz here without being hit with 1000+ shells or bots, until your VPN is hit, then your ****ed

When they are up I will let u kno

lol thanks. Whats his GamerTag?

who is the chick in your sig?

Hit his VPN then he’ll get back on his regular IP, then hit that!

Edit: Justins 1200 shells will tear his Metus Delphi with 20 bots apart

Its the chick from Victorious(I would know that:P)

Ariana Grande

Kind of. It allows for secure remote connections. It creates an encrypted tunnel that the data passes through. It acts like a proxy with encryption (sort of).

Looks like Amak is doing his research :stuck_out_tongue:

Great way to put it man

Yo ho Zmodz.
I know u might not know this answer but would u think this might work on ps3 i dont know if it has a vpn but im checking on it.