[TUT] FSD 3.0 NEV 402 with LINK (built in online service)

I couldn’t seem to find a tutorial on here for LINK in the new FSD so I decided I would put a tutorial here. I want to start by saying this is NOT my tutorial. I found it on another site and ALL credit goes to the original poster. I have however tested this and it seems to be working fine for me so far. Without further ado, here is the tut.

LINK is a new plugin that will allow you to play System link games on your JTAG/RGH with other players on LINK, no more XLink KAI or XBS LINK. Which are a pain to setup and keep running and also requires a PC. LINK in FSD 3.0 does not require a PC just a Internet connection.

Now there is several ways to do this. First if you have FSD3.0 installed already you can go to the settings tab and let FSD 3.0 Auto update it like In this video

Or we can download it and install it manually.

So first you want to Download new Freestyle30Rev402

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Download TeamFSD Freestyle30Rev402 rar, fast and secure downloading from crocko.com

Once you have it Downloaded lets extract out the actual FSD 3.0 REV402 files out.

These are the files we will be putting on our HDD. Now many of you might be like me and have FSD 3.0 as my default dash so we want to be very careful when doing this so we dont end up with a black screen or booting into MS dash.

I like to install mine fresh so i deleted my old FSD3.0 and installed it. To do this you have to be in another dash like Xexmenu or Dashlaunch with ftp on. You cannot deleted FSD3.0 while your currently running it on JTAG/RGH. Also dont delete you skins.

So know we have a choice we can FTP the file over with a FTP app or Use Neighborhood and drag and drop it over to our console. Like in this video:

Once we are done installing be either methods above we have to setup FSD 3.0 Link and setup JQE360.com so our system link games will work.

So lets go to link.jqe360.com | Xbox 360 System Link community and create a account if you don’t already have one. And remember your username and password.

Now you also want to make sure you have UPNP and portward some ports on your router so it wont cause any problems. Also remember what ports you want to use so we can enter them in FSD 3.0 REV 402 Port forwarding is different for each type of router but this is a great place to help you out.

Free Help Forwarding Ports - PortForward.com

Now we have our ports forward, we have a account on link.jqe360.com | Xbox 360 System Link community and our FSD 3.0 is now updated. Lets setup FSD 3.0 rev 402 with our info … watch the video


As you saw i entered in my username and password, my ports that i have opened, and it tested ok, game launched with latest TU and found a game to play.

Again, credit to the original poster, I only wanted to share, I simply copied and pasted this

If anyonne wants to play some BO2 hmu, my username is: godlyelliiot