[TUT] GPI 2.0 after xbox.com update

Do not know if this happens to everyone but after the November update Gamer pic injector program no longer being updated.
This was perhaps because they changed the xbox.com page
If you try to update the game, show something like this

To make it work and still use the program must do the following:

  • First, download GPI 2.0
  • Go to this page Xbox Gamerpics Preview
  • Look for the image that you like
  • Right click on the image and select view image (i use firefox)
  • show something like this.[/size]

* To add these images to the program, copy the ID of the game. The ID is up in the address bar.

* Now, open GPI, select file, add game.

* In Game name put whatever you want, in Title ID paste the ID and the last is blank. press OK

* Now just find your game and select “search”

That’s it, I guess after that you know to do
I do not speak English and I did this tutorial with the google translator

wow didnt know how to do this thanks for the tutorial!

Nice, who made GPI 2.0? I wouldn’t mind a 3.0 :wink:

Very nice find :smile:

this won’t work for some games. if you know the game has gamerpictures and you’ve tried a deep search, use my manual guide.

good post, either way.