TuT How to change what your voice sounds like on xbox live

i was baffled earlier on about how this guy was able to edit his voice it wasnt a montage edit it was a simple trick i managed to find a video on how to do this some far but when i get round to doing it ill make a better tutorial hehe

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I fixed it (:

fixed wha lolz ??

link doesnt work

yeah one second ill try find a solution for the program
link should be working now :smile:

didnt somebody else make a thread like this because code junkies sell something to do this

man squeakers are going to use this to get a 40 year old black man voice…


This looks really fun, I want to try it. Is there a way to get a text to speech program that sounds like the saw guy? Somebody should post the links to all the cords you need to buy. I’m sure many people would appreciate it. Thanks! :smile:

I am going to try this for sure

I think it would be really easier if they just put it on the settings bit of the dashboard like the ps3 but the ps3 is crap so i don’t want to bring that up but if it works then thats minted and i appreciate it so cheers :smiley:

so i started using this software for fun and theres an eaiser way all u need is a 3.5 to 2.5 a headphone spliter and a 3.5 to 3.5

Cracks belong in Diamond only…Can’t believe no one noticed O__o

:lol: I watched this funny video on Gears of War voice changing. Not sure how he does it, but clearly, it’s xbox live.