[TUT] How to get a bus on Midnight Club: LA

First of all you want to buy a stock DB9, customize it how you would like, you cannot edit it later. (Don’t worry about the paint, it will be the bus’s default orange and white.)
Open it up in Hex Editor Neo: Free Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software for Windows
Search For DB9

now you should be here

change the vpd_am_db9_08. to vp_citybus_07

now go to the 07 DB9
change it to (starting at the 0) …BUS…8

Save, rehash and resign :smiley:

Rofl, I’m so going to try this now. If it works, cudos !!
:smiley: haha

Nice I didn’t really Like that game to much

Nice post!

Thanks for conributing.
You can mod this game? 0.o

thats wicked cool thanks.:thumbsup: