Tut how to get your achievements back after reset to cheater!

Step 1
Must Know How To Add Games With Le Fluffie!

Step 2
Add the Xbox 360 Dashboard to your list (FFFE07D1)
Get It Here http://gpd.oscar193.co.cc/?download=FFFE07DE

Step 3
Delete the Xbox 360 Dashboard from your Game History.
{You have to wait awhile for it to load may take some time}

Step 4
Your Bio, Gamer score, and Game History will now be gone.

Step 5
Wait for it to update on xbox.com

Step 6
Once you see that you have no Gamer score or Game History on Xbox.com and recover your gamertag

Your Done!

Thank This If This Helped

This Works I Just Tried It!

Ill check this out on a test account in a minute.

Can i play any games while doing this? i tired it but couldnt see the dashboard in recent games

I’ll have to do this tomorrow.

Ill pay you 3months Diamond if u get this work for me

Just do what the tuts says then 2 days later or whenever it says xbox dash recover and you should be reset

or you can go on le fluffie and change it from cheater 2 pro or sumthin :smiley:

2 Days? Your saying i need to wait for 2 days? And then what… if it dosent work. i wasted 2 days without playing? Nice

you can play on a different account

also next time use le fluffie you wont get banned if you use the achievement locker on their

for some reason the horizon gets you banned they need to fix that

I hope this works, I spent 2 hours getting Endure, I WANTZ MY F U C KING RECONZ BACKZ, RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

i got reset to cheater :anguished:…but i was kinda happy lol

Why Would You Be Happy?

Are You Crazy?

This been patch

This sounds quite plausible. If I ever get reset I’ll definately try this.

Hey, I just got reset so I’m giving this a try, unfortunately after adding with LeFluffie the Xbox 360 dashboard game (the FFFXXX) GPD doesn’t show on my recent games, (I’ve read that I have to wait for it to show up on the game history, although, is it normal if it didn’t show at all in Le Fluffie Game List? (the small list of played games under the ADD GAMES TO PROFILE button) I Saved the profile and everything, always with the same result. Help

Also, has this worked for anyone recently? So far I’ve only read that It’s been patched. Hope not.

everything gets you reset

Not always i used le fluffie and i never got banned and i continue to use horizon and have not gotten banned it depends how much you mod and how much your noticed :smiley:

dude next time you make a topic dont make the title all capitals please its f*cking annoying :expressionless:

Sorry bro it was a long time ago and i will not do that again happy? :smiley:

Hey wat if i have earned achivement wen have cheater will it still work