(TuT) How to mod GTA IV *Online

Edit I think i figured it out now try the TuT below
Edit Apparently it doesnt work. I am sorry for wasting your time. It did work for me but not for anyone else. I will leave the post here for anyone willing to try it. Im Sorry it doesnt work for you if you try and are unsuccessful.

Ok guys some people are saying its not working so i am trying to figure a solution to that problem.
it has worked for me so i am quite confused. I think i have fixed some issues

How To Mod GTA IV Rank Online with a .GPD!

Note This may corrupt your profile in order to ensure it sticks play a freeplay game and then delete and recover your profile and there you go! TuT below
1A. For those who tried this and it didnt work just delete your profile and recover and then do the steps below

  1. Extract your profile to your desktop
  2. Open profile in Le Fluffie ( no Link sorry)
  3. Replace .GPD under contents with this one GPD1
  4. Once you replace the GPD with the new one go to Security Tab
  5. Click Make Anonymous and then click Fix
  6. Click Verify
  7. Put Profile back onto USB
  8. Get on GTA IV and go to player model
  9. Change character and save
  10. Go to Dashboard then Come back to Computer
  11. Extract Profile and Drag into Horizon
  12. Click Contents and Navigate to the 545407f2.gpd File
  13. Right click and Replace with this http://www.mediafire.com/file/25sj9rrosdjn7h9/545407F2.gpd
  14. Double click Save, Rehash, and Resign
  15. Go on to GTA IV and you SHOULD be level 10

Alll credit goes to Oscar for the GPD.

can you make a video?

I’d hex a gpd but i cant on ubuntu -.- cant open the usb with it.

I am not good at that but it is like the Black Ops GPDs(Just inject into your profile) but a GTA IV Gpd

Anyone confirm?

All you have to do is inject o_O

Oscar made it for mean but thanks for the offer

iT WORKS i have people confirm on my previous thread

What mods are on it? :x

Just Rank sorry all others are ISO

nice post man !

will help !

Doesn’t work for me.

I have done 5.3 mods on iso there not really worth it in my opinion.

It didnt work the first time for me so i got a clean gpd and then deleted my account and recovered and then put the modded one in it and it worked
Sounds difficult but very easy

Still don’t work.

Wow i dont know what to tell you then
if you have another account that you havent tried it on then try it on there

I am really sorry it doesnt work

send me your gamertag so maybe i could help

Idk either, just not my luck, I don’t care I have iso mods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t change my rank at all?I know i did everything right so all retry and let u guys kno the results.

Ill post proof later that it works for me im very sorry it doesnt for you

didnt work for me either but ill try another account