[TUT] How to recover a banned Xbox Live account (with a question too)

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All credit goes to Circle and the original post can be found by clicking this link: The Original is beyond this link

This is a pretty simple tutorial which will allow you to recover that banned xbox live account in 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Start recovering your account.

Step 2:About half way through the recovery you will receive an error and it will say something like “Xbox live signup is not available”. Then it will bring you back to the dashboard.

Step 3:Go to system settings and move your account to your USB(unless you have a transfer cable)

Step 4:Plug your USB into your computer and extract the banned profile to your desktop.(guessing the majority knows how to extract it.)

Step 5:Open up HORIZON.

Step 6:Under profile mods click “Account Editor”

Step 7:Open your profile into it.

Step 8:You will see a gold button that says recovering. Click it. It will turn gray.

Step 9:Click Save.

Step 10:Move the account back onto your Xbox or use it for whatever reason you wanted to recover it!

Hope I helped everyone!

And if anyone is having trouble with this just send me a PM and I will do my best to help you!

NOTE: This tutorial does NOT in any way un-ban your Xbox Live account.

***** In addition to Circle’s tut, I have a question. Can this method be used to transfer content licenses? Any insight would help!*****[/size]

Reciveing an unabanned account does not work.

Doesn’t work anymore.

dont work…

Doesn’t work… besides here’s the original: Guide: How to Recover a Banned Xbox LIVE Account

Doesn’t work either way it’s pointless.

I actually posted the original. So yeah. Besides, I am looking into ways to do license transfers on the new dash so I am trying to figure out all of the ways that you could do it on the old dash to see if MS forgot anything(or if there is another workaround involving multiple steps from previous methods.) <— I am talking about license transferring from a banned account, not a LIVE enabled one.

Lol at the colon and P.

doesnt work :anguished:

Hello everyone, I am new to forum. I bought Diamond Horizon about a week ago, but today my 2 profiles Xbox LIVE (an unimportant, silver and old), while another (main) important.

I wanted to know if there was a way to recover it. With Horizon is the “Recovery”, but I no longer functions …

Thank you.


What do you mean? Is there a guide?

This method no longer works, And I am unaware of another one.

Your best shot is to try and appeal the ban but depending on the offence I doubt it will happen.