[TUT] How to share your Xbox Live Marketplace Content

This tutorial is for those of you who want to share their XBLA/DLC/Games on Demand/Xbox originals and don’t know how to do so.

I am not responsible for any harm that this does to you, your Xbox 360 console, or anything that has to do with your Xbox 360 console. This tutorial is only meant for educational purposes.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  1. USB Flash Drive configured for the Xbox 360
  2. Transfer Cable
  3. Xbox 360 HDD
  4. Any memory management utility able to access Xbox 360 Storage Devices (XPort 360, Modio, USB XTAF Xplorer, etc.)

Moving the Content

  1. While on your Xbox 360 console, go to My Xbox, select System Configuration, and then Memory

  2. Select the storage device in which the game is stored.

  3. Select Games.

  4. Select the game you want to share, and then press copy.

5.You will then be asked in which Storage Device you would like to copy your content.

Modding the Profile

  1. Extract your profile from your Hard Drive or USB on to your computer.

  2. Select Open on the EzGt drop-down menu, and select the profile that you want to modify.

  3. You can then customize the name to your liking.

  4. If this is your first time doing this, or you already have a modded profile on your storage device, then edit the modded profile number depending on how many you have.

  5. Next select Save as Text, and place anywhere easily accessible on your computer.

  6. Now you are done, and your Content is ready to be shared.


ill try this out later, thanks :wink:

Once horizon’s MU explorer reopens will you change those modio pictures?

Hell yeah :thumbsup:

I though this was how they were doing it! So smart!

Yeah, I know! It was that easy.


good tutorial man.

Very nice tut

any dlc??

Nice post. Nice tutorial. But the modio pictures just ruin it.

Uglifies it.

this works on any DLC? Why has this not been released as people do the whole licence transfer… this works on ALL DLC?

Read this:

Wait, so i move the content, put it on pc, mod the gamertag that goes with the dlc? and then upload it all??!?!?!?! And then do the SPG?

Anyone care to share XD

According to tutorial, yes. :smile:

Great tutorial you got here bro.

Thanks I’ll have to try that later on :smile:

nice i been workin on a big project with this i have over 200 DLCs 10 on demand games 7 arcade games so if anyone wants it when i release it add me as a friend