|TUT| How To Stack Xbox One/360 Games With Gold Even If You Don't Own X1 or 360!

[b]So you don’t own an Xbox One yet, but you do have a paid Xbox Live Gold membership, and take advantage of the Games with Gold on your Xbox 360. Well, since you have a Gold membership you can still download the Xbox One games every month to your account from the Xbox Store at Xbox.com.

This works the same way for Xbox One owners, if you think you might pick up a 360 in the near future, you might as well add the decent games you’d want to play to your account.[/b]

Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to your country’s Xbox.com site. In the US we go [u]Here[/u].


2. Sign into your account.

Sign In

3. Hover over the Xbox Live Gold tab and click on Games With Gold.

Click on Games With Gold

4. Now scroll down and find a game from the current months offerings.
I will be choosing Massive Chalice for this tutorial.[/b][details=Find a game]


5. Now click on the green Download from Xbox Store button next to the game.

Click this

6. You will now be sent to a page with game details, and pricing information.
Since it’s a Games With Gold game it will be $0.00 for us Xbox Live Gold members.

Open Me

6. Click the Buy Now for Xbox One button.

Click this

7. You will now be sent to a page to confirm your purchase, in this case it’s FREE so you can’t really call it a purchase. [details=Open Me]


8. Click on the Confirm button. [details=Click Confirm][/details]

9. As you can see in the pic below, the game has been successfully purchased.


As you can see here, when I tried to download the same game again it shows I already own it.

Already own it


I know some probably already know about this, but I’m sure many don’t. This is a great way for future Xbox One owners to stack some games up, maybe not the greatest games, but they’re something. Remember, this is also possible for Xbox One owners who might want to stack some decent Xbox 360 games, just in case you decide to pick one up in the near future.

When you do get your Xbox One you will need to download your Gamertag/Profile, and then go to My Games and Apps to find these so you can download them. On the Xbox 360 you will need to do the same, but go to Purchase or download history in account settings.


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I don’t need this but great post Steve.

Still kept my 360, but this is good if you have one, but don’t have the other :smile:

Bumping this for members that haven’t seen this, or who don’t know about this yet.

Also, since the announcement of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, this is a great way for Xbox One owners to possibly get some decent Xbox 360 games through Games with Gold that may be supported in the near future. You simply add them to your account using my tutorial above, and if a game does become supported with backwards compatibility you download it from your purchase/download history and play it for free.

Good to see your still on the ball, mate…