*tut* how to strafe run boost!

Ok so alot of people are hosting these lobbys and i see alot of people wanting to know how to do it so i found a nice tutorial om BHL who are a big boosting clan so all credit to them so i hope you enjoy and rank up quick.

Experience per Match

3 head shots a round,
one plant, or defuse per round
3-4 extra kills a match,
19,000 exp every round after the second,

Therefore, on kills and plants alone you get 31,000 experience. With all kill streaks executed perfectly you can get another 114,000 experience on top of that. Which will equal out to 145k per game without double experience.

-Level 15 or 40 if you do not wish to spend a prestige token on the stinger-
-4 Users with 2 Controllers each-
-Have the kill streaks; Sentry Gun, Strafe Run, Assault Drone-
-Perk 1 - Blind Eye-
-Perk 2 - Hardline-

What to do

Here are the step by step instructions on how to do this kind of boost.

I will lay it out easily.

On side 1 there will be user A1 and user A2, on side 2, there will be user B1 and user B2.
Before you begin the match, choose which users will be playing the first map. Note that there is no option to do round by round.
For this case, users A1 and B1 will be playing the first match.

  1. Users A1 and B1 will go to each others spawn and kill the three users. Which will be A2 and B2 with everyone’s guest.
  2. Meet at the closest bomb site and plant and defuse. DO NOT KILL EACH OTHER.
  3. Repeat #1.
  4. Once you are at the closest bomb site for round 2, call in all of your current killstreaks. This does not include your strafe-run.
  5. Once one user has a Strafe Run, call it in. Have the OTHER user shoot down the heli one in from the left. For example;

HELI 1 ---- HELI 2 ---- HELI 3 — HELI 4 ---- HELI 5

You would lock on HELI 2, which will destroy HELI 1,2,and 3. Next shoot down HELI 4.

You will get 3k exp per Helicopter. Therefore getting you 9k for your first shot, and another 6k for your second.

  1. Make sure to call in and use you Assault Drone (3k exp), and the Sentry Gun (1k exp).
    Kill Streak set up

    Example of a Class
    Note, you must have the same secondary, first and second perk as well as the Kill streaks.

Thanx for this, me and my friends have been using it for a while.

this looks awesome havent seen a detailed tutorial for boosting! going to start right away

nice dude kinda confusing though lol

Confusing at first, but after the first boost it’s easy.

I’ve done it for 2 prestige’s, going to stop at 9, I guess.

If I get reset oh well, hopefully I don’t, can’t play for long hours on these busy holidays.

:o BOOSTERS lol nice little tutorial but i guess Fourzerotwo will catch onto this so good luck

if any 1 interested hit me @ kirit143 i want do it…

im also intrested in this, as i just dont have as much time to play as others, and would like to stay close in level to my friends :smile:

send me a message on live @ D 3 M ii G O D

I am also interested my gamertag is KiTTyBaNgBaNgzZ.

I smells a banhammer coming:3

Not if your smart and carefull and dont use this to often

inv me my gt: daisuke x jets…im online right now

Can anyone tell me the chances of getting into any type of trouble doing this?

the only chance i think is someone reports you and they look at your stats
dont do it if your a member of elite because they are tracking your stats all the time

Please give proper credit to where you found it and all you done was copy and paste

my post http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/618915-how-to-strafe-run-boost-mw3/page__p__4634169#entry4634169

Closed until OP gives credit.