[TuT] How to unlock all characters for free on White Noise: Online

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[details=Open Me]Hello XboxMB, Today I will be teaching you how to unlock all the playable characters in White Noise: Online for free. I’m sure this method of modding indie games has been done before. It’s a very easy mod to do. I tried very hard to make this tutorial as simple as possible so I’m sorry if I could have made it simpler. Anyway, I hope this tutorial helps you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me or any other member here on the forum.

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Navigate to Settings > Storage > Hard Drive > Games and Apps > Indie Games. Inside your indie game saves look for ‘Storage for White Noise: Online’

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Move your White Noise: Online Storage to your USB thats connected to your consol via the USB port… Duh :wink:

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Once the storage for White Noise: Online is successfully on your USB Stick. Unplug your USB stick from your console and plug it in your computer. Open up horizon.

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Double click your save from the device exploreer and then click the ‘contents’ tab. In the contents tab on the left side under root look for ‘CrossProm’ your gamer tag should be inside this root with .xml at the end of the file.

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Right click on your gamertag.xml file and extract it to your desktop for easy access.

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When you extract the file to your desktop it should appear as a .txt file that you can open and edit. This file has all the playable characters that you can unlock. Open the file up and change all the “False”(s) to “True”(s) Changing this will unlock the characters for free.

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Once you have changed all the “false” to “true” go ahead and save the file.

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Once you saved your newly changed file. Go back into Horizon > White Noise: Online Storage > Contents. And right click on gamertag.xml in the ‘CrossProm’ root and click replace. Select your newly saved gamertag.xml file from your desktop that you just edited and click open. It should “Replace Successfully”

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Don’t forget to save, rehash, and resign after replacing your new file.

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Remove your USB and plug it back into your Xbox. Move your White Noise: Online Storage form your USB back to Your Hard Drive. YOUR DONE! Now just launch your White Noise: Online and have fun with all the new playable characters.

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Is it a separate game from the regular white noise?

Yes it is. MilkStone Studios made this one as well. It’s exactly the same as the first White Noise but this one has multiplayer, 3 Maps to play on, and each character has different traits that give advantages and disadvantages that effect game play. It’s very fun and I have been always wanting an online Slender Man - Like game. Definitely worth the one dollar spent. I would have paid more for it.

Can you help me? I opened up the storage and then went to contents of course, but then when i look in contents the only things that are there are Root and ISO. I tried inserting my profile id and nothing (idk i thought that would make it work, but i was wrong lol) help please? :smiley:

I dig the layout. Nice thread!

Thank you so much!

Can anyone help? :smiley: This is driving me crazy lol! Your tutorial is very good and explains well… it’s very beginner friendly! I have no idea what im doing wrong. I appreciate any help i can get .:thumbsup:… im sorry i dont mean to reply so much >.<

This is an Xbox 360 game?

Hmmm, If its ok with you may I see some screen shots of your storage in Horizon and a screen shot of your contents tab. You screen shots may help me, help you get to a solution.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I wanted to make sure anybody could follow the tutorial. weather your an experienced modder or new at it.

Anyway, What exactly is your problem? in order for me to help you to the best of my ability and knowledge I would love to know in completely detail what area of the modding tutorial you need help with. Try taking some screen shots of your problem and / or the step(s) your stuck on.

This will help me, help you. :thumbsup:

Yes, It is an Indie game on the Xbox Live Indie Game Market Place. It is very fun, Slender Man like game developed by MilkStone Studios. You can read more details about the game, view screen shots and purchase the game by clicking on the Xbox Live Indie Game icon below.

This is an awesome tutorial, Nice job.

not getting the cross promo to come up

Make sure you are moving the correct save to your USB. It’s easy to accidentally move the wrong save.

I believe that people are not getting the Cross Promo is because Alex has played other Milkstone Studio games (White Noise:A Tale of Horror). Simply download another MilkStone Studio game and redeem that code and then follow Alex’s steps

I have been looking into the problem people are having about how their Cross Promo will not appear in contents and this theory is one I have thought about. It’s most likely correct.

If you only own one MilkStone Studios game then the game doesn’t set up a Cross Promo content because there is no need to till the player has more then one game that allows the codes to be shared with one another from game to game. (Cross Promo)

I don’t have time right now to keep testing but can you obtain the Cross Promo by downloading the trial of the indie game?

When I extracted the file, it appeared as a online file. It opens my internet explorer, but brings me to the text with “True” and “False”. However, it does not let me edit the file, do I have to open with Word Pad?

Right click the file, and select open with, then Notepad.

In the ISO folder, my .xml file isn’t there, just replays. Can you please help? :smile:

(And yes I moved the right save)

Like BlindTubbs said; I think you need to play other Milk Milkstone Studio games. Simply download another MilkStone Studio game and redeem that code and then follow my steps.

I don’t think the ‘Cross Promo’ will appear unless you have played other games by MilkStone Studios. If you have played other games made by them and you’re still not getting the ‘Cross Promo’ File. Then they probably removed the promotion feature in there games making this mod patched. I wish I could give you a better answer to this I just haven’t played / Modded this game in a while. Hope this helps you.

Very professional.

This is a very impressive tutorial. Good work!