[TuT] How to use Turtle Beaches on an HDMI setup

I copied and pasted this from MY Se7enSins account, so if you see it on there, that’s why.

Hello everyone,

Today I’m attempting my first tutorial, so don’t be hard on me :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get started…

  • Turtle Beaches (derp)
  • An Xbox 360 HDMI audio adapter, which looks likethis.
  • And finally, some common sense!
  • First things first, get your Red and White cables that are connected to your green cord on your Turtle Beaches, and plug them into the corresponding colours on your adapter.
  • Next, plug in the adapter into your Xbox 360 (Where your normal audio would go, right above the video input.)
  • Now, plug the USB cable from your TB into the Xbox and turn it on.
  • >:]
  • Profit!!!

I’m also adding pictures later. :wink:

That link’s broke btw…

And it’s wholesale… Ew.

Link is in Chinese, and says doesn’t exist.

God dammit B r a d, god dammit…

Or the green headphone one plugs into the headphone port on the tv?

Considering i cant plug in HDMI and AV on my xbox, I use the Audio/Out on my tv which goes to my stereo as well.

Honestly, the tut could be a little more detailed and organized.

Luckily for me, im a huge tech guy, so wiring ANYTHING is a breeze.


Or you could do that. My Xbox came with the adapter, so I thought I might as well use it.

I Just snapped the casing off the av cable and plugged them both in at the same time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Or you can just take the case off your AV cables, then you can plug both an HDMI cable and use the component set as well for audio.

Just did that, works just fine. Thanks for saving me a couple of bucks :smile:
-(How to) Heat up a knife (one that you no longer plan on using) and being slowly cutting into the box of the av cable, slightest chance you will damage it, just takes common sense, it will take a while to outline the cuts, but it will come out just fine.

What turtle beaches are you talking about? Because with my x11’s I can use the HDMI cable and still have the green wire that it comes with. But anyways, do you know if you can do this method with the Triton AX720’s? Because I am tired of having to play in 720p I would rather play in 1080i :stuck_out_tongue:

what is the adapters name or number??

can you get these on ebay?

or you could save your money and use the audio jack’s you received with your TB’s.

See the red and white adapter with the green audio input? Plug that into the red and white (NO YELLOW WITH IT, SHOULD JUST BE THE RED AND WHITE) and bam, you got yourself a pair of working TB’s.

We are not talking about the av cables, were talking about using them with an HDMI.

Can you plug in hdmi and normal av? ive tried didnt work:S

Yes, just remove the av cables box, and wallah.

Buy a slim.

I got a slim. And used the cable it came with. and couldn’t work. Just wouldn’t output on both.