[Tut] Mass Effect 3 Credit Edit

This is a very simple HEX mod for Mass Effect 3 to mod credits. For those fairly experienced in HEX modding this TUT will be blatantly easy and nothing you couldn’t figure out on your own. Experience aside even newbies and leeches can make use of this :smile:

Tools You Need

  1. A Hex Editor of course
  2. ACON Hasher/Signer (I use modio but any will do)
  3. A Mass Effect 3 Checksum Fixer, Link: Checksum
  4. A FatX Explorer Device
  5. Your current number of credits


  1. Extract your save. If you haven’t modded a save before you need the save data which is within the contents of the save a .xbsv file
    The Save you Need
Open Me

  1. Open the save file in your Hex Editor.

  2. Search in the following format: Integer Number, 32 Bit Long Integer, Big Endian. By formatting it this way you don’t need to convert your credit value into HEX it will do it automatically saving you some time, as well as narrowing your search to only 1 result: Your credits. Make sure too type the number of credits as the value of course!

Once completed you should see this:

Open Me

  1. Change your HEX value to 05F5E0FF (as seen in photo). Then SAVE

  2. Open the save file in the ME3 Checksum Fixer and click “Fix Checksum”

  3. Now reinsert your save file, rehash and resign and place it back on your profile.

Congrats if you followed this guide properly you have 99,999,999 Credits. I hope this will make due for those who can’t wait for an appropriate save editor to be created. I may add other HEX tuts if nothing comes out soon for other aspects, but currently I only wanted to mod my credits. Feel free to post the locations of any other things you find.

Some foot notes:

  1. If you don’t properly fix the checksum your save will be corrupted.
  2. If you try and mod your stuff too high your game will freeze. My value is tested safe.
  3. Immediately spend as many credits as you can. Once your earn even 1 credit you will reverted to 9,999,999 (still a really high value)

I hope you find this Tut useful. Feel free to leave comments.

Could you mod my save for me?

Or you can use this

{Release} Mass Effect 3 SE[Mod Tool] - xpgamesaves

It worked for Mr

its not even a good one because it says probes and their are NO probs in ME3 to buy and it need a perk point slot.

Most of the current tools are not very useful or broken. I have seen saves that are unique. By that I mean the offsets that the save editor changes are wrong and break your save.

Tools aside its never too late to learn how to HEX mod saves :smile: Some games don’t have editors made, you don’t need to wait on some fancy editor to do HEX edits (though some games have built in checksums) Plus mods in Mass Effect 3 except for Coalesced.bin mods (jtag only) aren’t very useful at all due to the fact that high values reset to normal after just one use (credits max at 9 million making it the most useful, but fuel, ammo ect all goes down to you default max based on your character) And modding XP can be useful.

Can you build a better one, oh wait that’s right of course you can’t LMFAO!!! :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses: And I put “Probes” in it because I was looking through the Coalesced file and saw that “Probes” were in the game… So I assumed that those were the Probes value because they were right before “Fuel”

I swear xboxmb is filled with douchebags and people that think they are better then everyone else, I guess that’s why you guys aren’t even close to being #1, the only good thing this site did was Horizon…

Does this work online?

If you are asking about the multiplayer then no. These mods are only intended for campaign.

I don’t want to make an acc. to that site, could you upload it for me?

LEECHER!!! If you don’t want to take the time to register to the site, then you don’t get it… :thumbsup: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I don’t want to waste my time on a sh*tty site, get a life kid.

And of course the original comeback pops up… if you don’t want to waste your time registering to another site then don’t waste your time trying to mod the game.

More like if he doesn’t want to take the time to register, then he gets to waste more time manually modding the game LMFAO :sunglasses:

Doesn’t really matter, I just logged in w/ my facebook.

>implying it takes more than five seconds to manually mod
>unwarranted level of arrogance and self-importance
>has nerve to call others leechers when advertising editor an a different site
>complains about xboxmb but still posts here


1. Using an editor is still faster then manually modding the save.
2. I was replying to Dutch OG post about how he didn’t want to waste his time registering on another site where it was originally posted on…
3. He is a leecher because he wants someone else to post it on this site, because he’s too lazy to go to the original site and give thanks to the poster (ie. leecher)
4. I still post here because people still post my stuff here, and it’s fun to watch you guys rage over nothing LOL
5. Learn proper grammar/spelling

I have seen saves that are unique.

Can this method be used for multiplayer credits as well?

Worked great for Campaign by the way. First time using hex and worked perfect using this guide.

Most of the current tools are not very useful or broken.

Hello and good day to all.Thanks for the info