[TuT] Noclip/Godmode Online In WaW

How To Get Noclip/Godemode Online In WaW!

-Xbox Live Gold Profile
-USB/Transfer Cable
-WaW Files


  1. If you haven’t placed the default_mp.xex in the WaW game folder do it now, and also the patch_mp.ff
  2. Go on your Jtag and start up WaW
  3. On you retail xbox move your profile to your USB flash drive
  4. Start up WaW
  5. Go to system link and join the game that is being hosted by your Jtag
  6. Just wait until it says Infected, once it says that leave
  7. Sign out of your profile, and take your flash drive out.
  8. Open your flash drive in your Modio, and take your profile out
  9. Open your profile in Modio, and replace the .GPD with the modded .GPD
  10. Put your profile back in your flash drive, and put the flash drive back in your xbox
  11. Sign back into your profile, and search online and see if the mods work, if they work Have Fun :smile:
    WaW Files: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BQVZDYFG

If the Mods do NOT work then VM/PM me.

why not just post a .GPD to download?

Edit: NOT leeching just to lazy to actually to go through all this with my jtag :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you have to do all the Jtag stuff too for it to work so ya. And I also posted the .GPD to download.

where the waw files link? lol

Well when you press WaW Files it takes you to the download.

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and this Modded .GPD that leethreeonetwo used for no lip and god mode in Mutiplayer online?

Its pached everytime you put in the modded gpd it doesnot load up and yes I did the Jtag step.

seems like to much work :confused:

He has the modded .GPD in the waw files link download and the .GPD is in there

No its not. I did it today
and right here alot of people say it still works


how do you activate the mods? back button?

Back= Noclip On/Off
Start= Godmode On/Off

Are you doing it right now?

Yeah I did it today too and now it not working now.

I havent tried it yet just knowing in advance Thanks

do you have to infect through system link EVERY TIME you want to play on waw?

wow seems like too much work to get mods working. **** this >.<


Too much work for a GOOD mod :smile: