[TuT]Official Black Ops 2 GPD Download

Tutorial on how to get Black Ops II on your Achievements List [Very Easy]
You will need
Profile on USB
Black Ops II GPD

Black Ops II GPD Download Black Ops 2 GPD.rar

1.Extract your Profile to desktop Using Horizon
2.Open LeFluffee Download Here
3.Open up Profile in LeFluffee
4.Go to Add Games to Profile
5.Find the GPD you Downloaded and Choose it
6.Click Save Account.
7.Transfer your Profile back to your USB and Save,Rehash,and Resign.
8. Enjoy showing off to your Friends

If you wan't to get all the Achievements then go to Horizon and Get Diamond

then do to Achievement Unlocker NOTE-You Must have Diamond Membership to

Unlock all the Achievements.

You can use horizon to do this
just inject the gpd into your profile

I would recommend taking down the DL for Le Fluffee and changing this to use Horizon as it can be used to inject the GPD.

It Dosen’t Work for me When i inject the GPD using Horizon.

Yeah I don’t think you can inject GPDs with Horizon, you can insert them but it won’t work out. Replacing works fine though.

Horizon doesn’t support gpd adding… Only via the game adder.

I’ve used horizon to inject black ops 1 modded gpds

EDIT: i also just injected this gpd with horizon to make sure

Did this but never appeared on xbox?

You can inject .GPD’s in Horizon, you have to open your profile in the package manager and go over to the “Contents” tab.

what do i open le fluffie with?windows is asking me:How Would You Like To Open This File?
please help
oh and replacing it on horizon dosent work ;-;

It is 2018, go back to 2012 if want to ask them.