[TUT] Paint any rims on Forza Horizon

It’s pretty simple really just put rims on your car then can be painted paint them and then go back and buy the rims you want painted (that cant be painted)

And you now have painted rims it doesn’t always work also sometimes you’ll get out comes like this

Very good for show cars and stuff i guess

You could do the same on Forza 4, but thanks for the heads up, I can’t wait for this game!

It’s bull**** if you ask me. They should allow any type of paint on any rim. I do hope they added more color options also like (matte, candy, real pearlescent)

And More rims, They have just used the same rims for the past two games, i hope theres allot more on Horizon.

They added matte :smiley:

True but IDK if it’s just me, but I can’t tell the difference. On other racing games it’s obvious…

I like your koinig rims. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it work for stock rims too then?

No it does not…

Are RS Watanabe rims in this forza? I’m not getting it 'till christmas but I can’t wait.

No but another company has rims similar to that.

EDIT: Never mind, I thought RS was the model. They do have the Watanabe Cyclone.

Are those the ones in Forza 4? Also, are the similar ones the TSW’s? I’m going off of my memory from forza 4 right now and the last time I played it was about 2weeks ago and the last time I messed with rims had to be 2 months ago at least. Too late for me to turn on the xbox to check(lol I’m just procrastinating going to sleep)

Yea they are…