[TUT] Play online w/o TU3

Requirements are a USB and a hard drive
1.Delete title update from where ever it was saved to, my guess is HDD
2.Sign into Xbox live (after deleting TU3)
3.Start up BO do NOT download update…go to multiplayer
4.Click local, then split screen
5.Connect to Xbox live
6.When it asks you to download the update, click “Change storage device” and pick your USB
7.After you select to use the USB unplug it and click "Download"
8.Your now online without TU3

Il try this and see if it works

CONFIRMED Working !!! To bad my main account allready got banned. :anguished:

wonder if the gpds work now :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that would be sick can someone try it im not home ATM

possibly but i read somewhere that they have it doubled, like in our system cache and server sided so im not exactly sure what we could do but if some one has a dummy account then we could try it :smile:

you try it :smile:

i will try now lol

So without the TU3. What exactly can you do now?

.gdp mods.

gdp ? :laughing:

Supposingly, GPD mods ARE patched.

Not tested so im not 100% sure.

Well even if we do the GPD mods, you will still get banned quickly :confused:

Yeah that’s why you do it for a 48hour trial.

Yes they where patched, on the TU3. We would be running off of TU2 after this glitch.

However, I believe the only kind of modifcatins through gpd without the TU3 would be possible Zombie mods and nothing else.

dang nice post but this is going to be patched soon because treyarch members are going to look at this cause they have secret spys in modding forums so have fun while it lasts

this does not work when you do this it just switches to the hdd and saves the update to the cache

that in fact is not true because the first time i did this i looked and it was not there…so you sir are wrong


no actualy its right people think just cuz they remove the usb before download it “downloads to nothing” after doing this “glitch” look in top right at the number it will be go to dashboard clear you cache and its gonna ask u to update