[TUT] Reduce Recoil on Weapons!

This only REDUCES recoil. does not get completely rid of it.
Confirmed on all COD’s.

For other Call Of Duty games start this glitch in a xbox live multiplayer party.

  1. Go to BO Multiplayer Menu

  2. Go to Player Match

  3. Press the Xbox button (Guide)

  4. Go to settings

  5. Click “Profile”

  6. Go to “Game Defaults”

  7. Click on “Action”

  8. Turn auto-center on. (or auto aim whatever you want)

  9. Now rapidly press B until your back at custom classes

YouTube - Reduced Recoil in Black Ops w/ Tutorial!

Credit to Drohski for the example video!

Drohski for the video
NOTE: don’t blame me for copying and pasting or anything. i JUST found this.

Cheers :thumbsup:

At least give credit from where you copy/pasted it from.

AKA GameTuts.

But it really doesn’t help that much in game.

Thanks a lot. I will try this later.

this actually is brilliant. thanks for bringing it to my attention. i just need the game now :stuck_out_tongue:

cool if only i wasnt banned :anguished: im definitely using my old account now

Eh. It’s not that big a difference.

I guess some people might do it, not big difference unless you really suck, and you need a full clip to kill someone… It’s mostly about accuracy not recoil.

how about you look up stuff before you accuse? click on the video. as you can see in the “MORE INFO” it has the tutorial. i just re wrote it. i gave credit to the maker of the video because its where i “copied and pasted” from.

Why don’t you actually click on things people post instead of finding a place where they are also posted and then blame us for doing something wrong. Your such a hypocrite.

'Dis ***** be working!

I was pointing out that the top is pretty much the same.

but you contradict so many posts. its like that w3runXBL kid with his copying and pasting.

i’m just stating something. not angry at all. all these posts will be “similar” because it’s the same Tutorial

I hate W3RunXbl because if you were here when XboxMB first started he posted numerous videos claiming to be his own. Like his Black Ops funtage.

finally someone who points this stuff out! someone needs to get that kid out of here. it may not be “that” big of a deal but its so annoying when he gets so many thanks off of copy and pasting. i only “copy and paste” stuff when i give credit.

btw how did you make a Fosters home for imaginary friends signature picture?

i’m not gonna lie i love that show.


just missing one part of it

not bad! :smile:

Added to my main sticky thread All Black Ops Mods!

Give credit where credit is due!..

Wait… This isn’t a mod… This is made by Microsoft…

Awsome ill try this after school

Nice Tut. :smile:

nice fine ill try it later