[Tut] Saints Row The Third: Horizon Mod Tool

It should have been done a lot earlier, but due to PC and illness issues I only just got around to sorting it.

If there’s an update or a way I can use the garage tool, I’ll gladly do a video tut for those who enjoy watching tuts instead of following lots of text.

On another note, thanks for welcoming me to the team, XboxMB.

Don’t think the garage tool will be updated because from what I hear the game has checks on the garage so you can’t add new cars but can replace old cars. Apart from that nice video should help out some people.

Thanks for clearing that up Dave mate.

Well peps have problems with injecting cars and extract them so how would this help ?

It’s for those who prefer watching video tutorials (like most of the tuts I create) and for those who haven’t seen the mod tool on my channel yet.