[TuT] Xbox Live VPN Connection (Win 7)

How to connect to Xbox Live through a VPN with Windows 7.


Make Sure you are not connected to your VPN while doing this and make sure you did not bridge your connections between your Xbox and VPN, if you did then just delete the bridge, All that needs to be done is your Xbox connected to your laptop with an ethernet cord.

(1). First, plug your xbox into your laptop or computer with an ethernet cord.(Do not create a bridge but if you have one, DELETE IT)

(2). Go to your lower right hand corner of your screen with your connection, right click it and go to open network and sharing center

(3). Then once your in network and sharing go to the left hand corner of that window and click on change adapter settings.

(4). Right click on your vpn connection and scroll down to properties.

(5). Now go to the tab to the right and select sharing, Then click allow other network users to connect though this computers internet connection, Then under that check box you will select your xbox which should be labeled local area connection or something like that, And don’t be connected to your vpn while doing all this, Press okay to save changes and move on to the next step.

(6). After that you can connect to your vpn, then turn on your xbox and leave all settings to automatic on your xbox console.(They should already be on automatic.)

If you need any help IM me or post in a comment below and I can team viewer you to help!
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>Do not be connected to your VPN while doing this.
>Do not create a bridge between your xbox and computer.
>Leave all setting on your xbox 360 console the way they have always been.(Default)

This is going to be so helpful! I’m not even kidding!

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You allready posted this

i kno…i posted it in the PC section…but not all people look thru tht all the time, so i thought i would post it in here…

i do believe you need a crossover cable for this, a 360 is counted as a computer, so if you hook it up directly to a computer with a straight through cable (the basic one you need to connect to modems and routers) its not gonna work.

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Yes it does work using an ethernet cable which most modems and routers use.
No need for a crossover cable.

I have seen this TuT below .

And it does work , i do this when i go to my grans.

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what does this do

Covers up your real IP on xbox live with a fake one. (VPN = Virtual Private Network)

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yah…i trash talk EVERYONE on xbox live now…lol

Stupid Q. Whats VPN

What is the point into doing this? So you stay anon on XBOX?

I totally do not recommend you use this with a free cheap ass vpn such as CyberGhost, FreeVPN, Hide my IP, etc if your doing this to stay un-DDoSable you need something like a sharktech.net or if your just going to stay anonymous use VPNMaster.com.

i don’t understand why everyone thinks this is so amazing o_0

1.your have a lower internet speed/connection ( when using a free one )
2. hardly anyone on xbl will DdoS Randoms…

TThe VPN’s that i own are 1GBPS - 2GBPS…tht is fast xD

That is true…because most VPN companies Log your info and the safest way is to but a private VPN

O rly , i highly doubt that is it’s a free vpn …