[Tutorial] Buttons in your clan tag (no hax)

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Thanks to LN8 for making the list:

You don’t need to put an “M” infront of the characters below (see video).
AA - A button
AB - B button
AC - C button
AD - X button
AE - Left bumper
AF - Right Bumper
AG - .
AH - .
AI - .
AJ - Space (won’t let you play online)
AK - .
AL - .
AM - Space
AN - Start Button
AO - Back Button
AP - Left Stick
AQ - Right Stick
AR - Left Trigger
AS - Right Trigger
AX - .
AY - .
AZ - .

Holy **** it works.

Yea. lmao.

Lol well I guess they can’t ban you for modding your clan tag to buttons then.

This was the old way from Call of Duty 4.

The good ol’ days. :thumbsup:

Goes to show how much they’ve improved things! Lol.

Dang thats nice quality! And great tut thanks!

Wow my friends are gonna be jelly! xD

They did say they was going towards original

MAP- Left Stick
MAR- Left Trigger
MAJ- Empty clan tag and name is a space
MAA- A button
MAU- Down Dpad
MAV- Left Dpad
MAS- Right Trigger
MAE- Select button
MAN- Start Button

lol i was in the process of doing this, it worked, the i was forced to update then it was patched :anguished:

Also, MAW is right directional

The update didn’t patch it

MW3’s first point :expressionless:

BF3: 1337

MW3: 1

I wonder how long till it is patched …

will they ban for this?

It isn’t a mod and it isn’t a glitch so no.

Nice work man !!

MAT- Top-dpad

Just did this and we joined a TDM and everyone Left