[Tutorial] How to *appear* to have any gamertag!

This was 100% found by me on accident!

What it does is it shows the screen saying you can change your gamertag to w/e.
It says “Current Gamertag: Whatever”
“New gamertag: Pro”

It gives you the “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Please try again. Status code: 80154000”, so you can’t accept the gamertag!


  1. Press the Xbox Guide Button
  2. Scroll to the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click Profile
  4. Go to “Edit Profile”, then “Gamertag”
  5. Click Get Suggestions, then rapidly press the (A) button
  6. It should bring you to a screen saying “You’ve chosen as your gamertag”
  7. Then click “No, edit it”
  8. Enter whatever gamertag you would like.
  9. It should say “This gamertag is already in use. Try another gamertag or pick a suggestion”, but ignore the error and press the (B) button.
  10. It should bring you to a screen with the gamertag it said was unavailable, then hit the (B) button.
  11. It should say “You’ve chosen “the gamertag you entered in step 8” as your gamertag”
  12. It doesn’t let you use the gamertag, but this can be used to prank friends, show off what you don’t have, etc…

If you need any help with the tutorial, please feel free to post saying what is going wrong, or feel free to PM me!

~G odly/S7 Pro

This has been around for a while…

Can you link me? I looked EVERYWHERE to make sure it wasn’t posted! I hate old tutorials :confused:

Pretty pointless, but nice tutorial.

make a video please

Great post haven’t seen this before and me and my friends are always looking for OG tags so I can trick him with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Old. But its really stupid, So bye.

The part at the end where he puts the GT “Stunn” again, he just pressed “B” and “Ok” again after it said it was taken.

Do you still have to pay the 800 ms points?


No, because you don’t get the gamertag…

Only a 1 time thing? like once you do it you dont have to keep redoin it

Yeah, 0xi and I found this a little while ago too. Pretty cool, but useless ;p

Lol i did this by accident and have been trying to this again every since thanks bro!

Wait, can any of your friends see this? or only you?

I knew about this since I got the new dash.


Pretty Stupid?
But nice Find. :smile:

I found this out on the first day of Kinect Dash. :L

So whats the point of this? Does it let you keep that GT until you sign off? Do only you see it?