[Tutorial] How to Complete the Easter Egg in Call of the Dead Co-Opp

I did not find this, but this is my video.

Other details

Dial Instructions:
Yellow = 2
Orange = 7
Blue = 4
Purple = 6

  1. Press PURPLE until PURPLE is at the correct number.
  2. Press ORANGE untill BLUE is at the correct number.
  3. Press YELLOW until ORANGE is at the correct number.
  4. You now have the bottom 3 numbers at the correct ratio from one another.
  5. Press YELLOW until YELLOW is at the correct number, COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOUR PRESS YELLOW.
  6. Press PURPLE the same # of times as you pressed YELLOW in step 5.
  7. Press BLUE until it is back at the correct number.

Fog horn order:

  1. The one by the water.
  2. The one in the water.
  3. The one closest to the lighthouse.
  4. The one by the rock.

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Wheres Vodka Locations, Radio Order, Generator Locations?

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All that for a wonder-waffle that’s going to run out of ammo? It should have unlimited ammo and everyone in the game should get one.

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