[Tutorial] How To Properly Extract Profile From USB


2GB(or more) USB Thumbstick
USB XTaf(http://digiex.net/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/apps/6155d1292705484-xbox-360-usb-storage-explorer-xplorer-xtaf-v36-usbxtafgui_v36.zip)
A computer, or laptop.
Xbox 360
Common Sense


First off, you’re going to want to extract your profile from your Xbox 360 to your USB Thumbstick. Insert your USB thumbstick into your Xbox 360:

Next you’re going to move your Profile on your Xbox 360 to your USB. Go to
-System Settings
Hard Drive
Gamer Profiles
-Click Profile - Move To Memory Unit

Now, pull out your USB from your Xbox 360 and insert it into your Computer. Open up USB XTaf(Update if needed to newest version) and click “File” - “Open First USB Drive”.

Go to:
-“Data Partition”

—Browse to your profile folder: “E0000************”
–Open up “FFFE07D1” folder
-Then open your “00010000”

Now you can see your profile sitting there. Drag and drop that profile to your Desktop. On top of the file being on your desktop make a folder called “Backup” just incase you do something wrong.

Now open your profile in the modding tool of your choice(Horizon, anyone?) and mod your achievements, awards, and any game involving your profile data. Have fun, guys!

Congratulations! You just moved your Xbox 360 Profile off of your Xbox 360 and onto your Computer! You are on your way to beginning to mod anything that relates to your profile data!
Want more tutorials? Make a request in this thread or PM me for a tutorial on how to mod a certain game and i’ll try my best to do so
Those who already know how to do this; don’t post saying this is useless. I’ve noticed several members asking how to do this while I was not on the site and so I decieded to make a tutorial for it!

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Just in case you did not know you Should have your Xbox 360 Slim standing upright not on it side

As if it matters.

Nice tutorial, but You shouldn’t be on this site of you can do this correctly.

I actually taught my 11 year old nephew how to GPD mod.


Not mini modding … but wrong section should be on Tutorials…

awww i already made a tut for this but this is more detailed Props

I saw your thread; don’t worry. I noticed it had like 2 replies and was dead though.

I put this thread here because cmwmods thread for how to mod with USB is Stickied here. If wrong section mod please move.

As for the off topic… I was told leaving the xboxs on the side prevented rrod as the gpu(?) slid while standing on the old xboxs… The slims are different?

Nice tutorial for nubs!