[Tutorial] How to RTE in Halo Reach

I haven’t seen much discussion about RTE/RTH here on XboxMB but for those of you who are interested, here’s a quick tutorial. Before we start, RTE = Real Time Editing or Real Time Halo (RTH). This means that you will be modding in real time, while playing the game. Let’s begin.

What You Need:

  • Ascension (Download)
  • Ascension Plugins (Download)
  • RTH .XEX’s (Considered Warez, Cannot Post)
  • Dashlaunch (Download)
  • JTAG and PC on same network

Step 1:
Install Dashlaunch. To do this, extract the “installer.rar” that you downloaded above. Put the installer folder on your Xbox 360 HDD, USB drive, or external HDD. Open XexMenu and launch the default.xex in the installer folder. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2:
Assuming that you already have Halo Reach on your JTAG, grab all 3 XEX’s from the RTH folder (Remember, you need to find these on your own) and place them into your Reach folder with the other game files. If it asks you to overwrite, click “Yes”.

Step 3:
Now, on your computer, open the “Ascension Plugins” folder that you downloaded. You should see these files:


Select all of these files and place them into the “plugin” folder for Ascension. If it asks you to overwrite any files, click “Yes”.

Step 4:
Now open Ascension. Go to Edit>Settings and enter in your JTAG’s IP Address under “XDK Settings”. You can find your IP Address in the Network section of System Settings. You can edit the folder paths for your .map files if you want to, but it’s not entirely necessary. Now close Ascension and open it again. Your settings should have saved.


Step 5:
On your JTAG, start up XeXMenu and launch the “RTELaucher.xex”. During the intro videos, a message saying “Ready to accept connections” should appear. Click “OK”. Another message should follow saying “Listening”. Again click “OK”. Now start up any match you want. For this tutorial, we will play Forge on the map “Forge World” to keep it simple. Go into the Editor mode. Go to the top of the map as far as you can pressing “RB”.

Step 6:
In Ascension, open the .map file that you are playing on. Since we are playing on Forge World, open “forge_halo.map” and you should see something similar to this:


Step 7:
Now let’s begin editing values. The tags for the map are located in the column on the right. Scroll down until you find “+sddt”. Click on the “+” and click on the encrypted tag. You should see settings like this:


Step 8:
Change all of the values (Positions X, Y, and Z) to 0. Click on “Poke Changes”. Now on your JTAG in the Editor Mode, see if the barries no longer exist. If so, you have successfully modded Halo Reach in real time.

[i]Once you get these steps down, RTE is a piece of cake. You can find more plugins and taglists on the internet (other modding sites). This way of modding isn’t always the fastest or the easiest, and there are a few tools out there that replace the values for you with just a click of a button. But if you don’t want to pay and you want to learn something, hopefully this tutorial has helped you.

Please post any questions you have in this thread. If I have made an error in this tutorial that feel free to correct me as well. This tutorial has been completely written by myself (Modified) for XboxMB. Please give credit if you copypastesauce.[/i]

Very nice tutorial. Will help me. :smile:

#1. I Read this because I Had no idea what RTE Was.
#2. Spoiler Under Step 6. Should read “Screenie”
#3. Spoiler “LOL” Is an epic Win.

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Modified, could you post the xex In the diamond section?

Btw I really like this, I’m going to do this this weekend but it seems hard. Also do I need dashlaunch?


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Sure. And yes you absolutely need Dashlaunch.

Thanks for this. I have been trying to figure this out, but no one wanted to help me on other sites.

Yea this is very nice, being able to Real Time Edit the halo’s has added some flare to them

I get a random error “Map path is denied” It doesn’t say map path BTW.
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Make sure all of your folder paths in settings are correct.

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I would love to try this, but I haven’t JTagged my Xbox yet.
I’ve been thinking of doing it with my friend’s Xbox that needs a new video card so I don’t fux up my own Xbox.

Very nice, well put tutorial.
Good job, Modified.

Reach just got PWND!