[Tutorial]kingdoms of amalur xp modding

i have found out how to mod the xp points in Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning.
if you wish for me to mod your save post it here with your xp amount i am working on modding the coins right now so beer with me. P.S if you won’t you can post saves with at lest 1,000+ gold coins.

here is how i modded the save

  1. get your save on your pc
  2. open your save with Xbox 360 Tools
  3. go to file contents tab
  4. extract savefile.bin to desktop
  5. open with a hex editor
  6. open base convertor
  7. type your xp amount
  8. copy the hex on the right
  9. press ctrl+F to open find
  10. past the hex in the value bar
  11. click on ok
  12. you will see about 4 offsets type in 3b9ac9ff in all of them

this was found by john10077 at 360haven.

to read the full post, go here: Kingdoms of Amular

I found this editor online, It works fantastically, just extract your character save onto your desktop open the app and you have fun…

did not make tool, i do not take credit for it

Heres the link :FatesVeilV1.rar

Hey bro, I just started playing KOA, n I was finding the game slow on skill point and other stuff. I was wandering if u can help me out?