[Tutorial] Mod MW3 Campaign with a USB

No gameplay of the mods at work?


Lol I made this tut

Getting dem views…

could you put the modded footage in the description :smile:

I only modded:
cg_fovscale 1.125
cg_fov 80
I get “The save file has become corrupted (bad checksum.)”

ive modded
jump_height 900
player_sustainammo 1
g_gravity 100
and i get bad checksum error to

Use the checksum fixer.

I think if you increase the size of the file (by adding new DVARs or by increasing the value by too much) then you get a bad checksum.

I do this, put it through the checksum fixer thingo, and bam … i still get an error

-Video Removed ~ Activision Violation.

…video is gone. lol.
Do the “mods” even work?

I can’t get them to work. I’ve used the MW3 checksum fixer and it still don’t work.
I’ve done story now though. :smile:

Credit to XB36Hazard for the video and his mods are from his editor

Hmm, I’ve filed a counter copyright notification.