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[/b][/size] So I've had all this stuff on my website for some time now and I never posted it anywhere for anyone to see but thought I'd post it here as I see a lot of people stream on twitch and what not. Thanks to [Bradez]( for helping out with the image types :wink: :thumbsup: hope some find it useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Check If Streamer Is Live Or Not -
This will display a online or offline image and will show the video and also the chat for the stream.

Image Only -

Image Only: This is a image just letting you know when the streamer is live or offline

Online: Offline:

Twitch Card -

Twitch Card: If the streamer is online it will display a image showing theyโ€™re online and also some info like followers how many views in total the avatar name and also the game they are playing at the time

Online: Offline:

Dual Stream -
This allows you to have 2 streams open at once useful when 2 streamers are playing together and youโ€™d like to watch them both at the same time

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