Two More Games Added to Backwards Compatible

Own Gears of War or Shadow Complex on Xbox 360? Play both for free via Back Compatible later today.


Hopefully they add more tomorrow during Gamescom

I have to for X360 as disc and I had it from the store download too. How do I access it? Cause I don’t see it downloading and my disc won’t work in it.

They said later today. It’ll probably come through an update like or a certain time period

I just checked the currently supported games for Back Comp… A Kingdom for Keflings and Viva Pinata? Really?

Easiest games to get accepted first since Microsoft is the publisher but I soon expect bigger games to come since the test runs of those games have been somewhat decent.

Why are you hating on Viva?

Who ever is playing GOW can you add me as a friend? Because I am not in the preview program and want to get the game to play.

Can anyone please add the gamertag Crs RecKz to the preview program.

Thank you.

If anyone is in the Preview load up the game disk and you can install it. It’s not available to install yet for Digital Game

Did you have to update your Xbox ?

No just load the disk up and click install. It’s around 7.2 GB