Two New Planets?

I was just looking at the Grimoire cards on and was looking at places. I seen that there are two planets I haven’t been too. Saturn and Mercury, are these to be implemented in the DLC?

Don’t forget Jupiter as well, but I thought the samething when I found the Mercury dead ghost.

Only time will tell, but I hope they add more planets would be really cool and bring more things to do in the game. I have actually been getting bored with it too be honest.

Seems substantial, but correct me if im wrong but, I think they talked about one or two planets getting “destroyed” during the “story”. I am beginning to wonder if those were the two planets they were talking about.

Sidenote: No more Atheon Horney!!! :cry::’(:’(:’(:’(:’(:’(

Yeah I didn’t notice Jupiter. Only thing keeping me going is trying to get level 30

I remember Tyrian/my ghost saying the cabal destroy planets for fun. Didn’t really pay attention to the story.

I know, someone needs to find a way to kill him easily.

well if they do turn out to be places we can go to then ima guess the asteroid belt will be a location to since theres a block for that as well

those 3 planets were part of the original story, but things went wrong during development and they got back tracked hard. they had to scrap tons of stuff in the game including those planets as well as a lot of the story, then try and fill in parts of the story they didn’t keep. which is why this whole game’s story is out of wack

Yup, and those areas planets were shown and talked about a whole year ago as playable space.
It was then sliced off, so we’ll probably see it as paid content after the expansion pass. They will most likely try to milk what’s left of their fanbase for all their worth.