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Two Point Hospital Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Voting doesn’t require PRO, the purpose of it is to tell me which games are popular that are broken that needs updating. Just because a game is new doesn’t mean it’s popular.

I understand your frustration but get my point of view too. Just look at that number, i updated almost 200 trainers just a few months ago and they are broken again. It’s amazing i haven’t gone insane yet


Ah ok , that is also possible , thank you for replying mate. Makes more sense tried to vote , but I used my tokens for f1 2017 :slight_smile:

but where is the vote for the game that according to the program has a working version. cause when I launch the trainer it says that I have an working version of the game. There was an update though , we got the halloween stuff and the sandbox mode working now. Maybe cause they did not change the version of the game


On the two point hospital mod, the ‘no money requirement’ cheat isn’t working? Before the update it worked perfectly but now when active nothing changes. When active on the money bar it used to say ‘$99,999,999’ but it is staying the same as if I didn’t have the cheat


The unlimited money isn’t working either


I playing Two point hospital a lot its one of my favourites right now. Sorry My spelling is British. Can you update the cheats for the game. Also I’m into some football/Soccer to Americans Do you do cheats for those games too? just inquiring. thanks Raven


Which cheats aren’t working?


For me its all of them i think


All aren’t working for me. I keep my game updated all the time. We tried them the last few days and none of them working at all… :frowning:


Okay. I’ll update it asap


The Two Point Hospital cheats have been updated!


  • Happy Staff/Patients cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Please enable VersionGuard! I can’t keep updating these unpopular games forever. Next update will probably be in months.


there is always a problem with installing version guard :rage::rage::rage:


Explai n?


due to this not working version of the tph trainer i tried to install this version guard for a few times but i always get the message that there is a problem and the install is cancelled, thats all, it gives no more information about the problem


Version Guard only works for Steam.


The Unlimited Money cheat was working fine until a few days ago and now it doesn’t work. The other cheats do. Did something change? Any suggestions?


i know that TPH is for steam but i dont know why there is a problem with installing it


Make a new thread and explain the problem hopefully with screenshots and tag frank.

Has nothing to do with this trainer.


The Unlimited Money cheat on Two Point Hospital still isn’t working for me.
I’ve restarted the game multiple times and reinstalled the WeMod App, also tried rebooting my computer. Anyone?


Did you read trainer notes? You can buy stuff even if you don’t have money