Two Skyrim save mod requests if willing to help

I have 2 saves I would like to have modded on a basic level for items I don’t have and can’t do myself since I don’t have skyrim on pc

  1. First is my main character a level 114 female Nord, I’d like to have the Ancient Falmer Crown (xx00c814) added to my inventory, and possibly Shadowmere as my default horse again (totally optional)

  2. And two my vampire character a level 50 female Nord, I would like the Vampire Gloves (xx019ae3) and Vampire Hood (xx019ade) added to my inventory, if anybodit’s willing to do this for me I’d be like forever grateful :slight_smile:

The user modding you saves will need the dlc load order (this will replace xx)

Edit: Never mind, just post your saves and I will mod them.

Those are Dawnguard items

Well I’m running the dlcs from the legendary disc so I’m pretty sure dawnguard load order is set to 02, however my add ons menu places it between dragonborn and hearthfire which could set it to 03.

Thank you @ZzsNaKezZ I will begin compressing my saves immediately and upload them

@Zodiac yes I know these are dawnguard items, one is only obtainable through console commands though, and the Vampire clothing is only accessible from the dawnguard side (which is ridiculous lol)

I was replying for Snakez to mod your save. Your load order doesn’t matter, his does when it comes to modding the save.

You shouldn’t need to compress the saves. Just upload them as is to mediafire or mega.

@Zodiac Oh ok I see what you mean, do I need an account with mediafire or mega to upload the saves?

@Shanathedovah yes, but you can use for a quick throw-away email account.

And you can get vampire clothing if you side with the vampires, I got some at least. But I can add a set or two.

@ZzsNaKezZ ok this is the link to my main character Shana Goddess Draconia

and this is the link to my vampire character Morticia Ivy Demetria

and that would be appreciated thank you I wouldn’t mind my vampire having 2 sets of vampire clothing, the hood and gloves have always eluded me and I have the robes and boots (clothing) already, for my main I just want the Ancient Falmer Crown and Shadowmere back

@Shanathedovah Shana Goddess Draconia

Morticia Ivy Demetria

Post back and tell me if there is any problem.

@ZzsNaKezZ thank you very much XD, are these saves ready to be popped right back into skyrim 360 or do I need to do something else? and I will certainly let you know how it goes

I replaced the .dat file inside the original .exs container so everything should be ready.

ok I just tested them both out and they work perfectly, Ancient Falmer Crowns, Shadowmere, Vampire Gloves and Vampire Hoods all there, thank you so much for helping me with this XD, out of curiosity where was Shadowmere? I thought she either died, fell through the ground or the game disabled her