Two Worlds 2 - Mods

Hello XboxMB today im here to show you how to become a level 390 in Two Worlds 2

1.Download the save

2.Open a Rehash and Resigner and use your IDs

3.Take USB out of your computer and insert it into the shiny port in the front of ur xbox

4.Load up the mods

5.Have fun

P.S if it doesnt work the first time try again thats what happened to me

For teh Uber Pal0din armor (white hooded armor) please consult me At GT: Major Sedavian and i will dupe it for you =]

If your reading this and you actually care credits out to Pope420 for making this. Also I ran out of this stuff a long long time ago, your best bet is to just get it from someone else because im sure at this point everyone has it :]

Add a direct link that doesn’t require you to register on another site, thanks!

Done =]

is that game fun? hmm.

I think so

Thanks~ works perfect. Though you might want to re-upload it so people dont have to go sign up on another site thats going to piss people off.

Where abouts is it saved at and how far in the game is it ?

This is an online save you do realize that correct?

Sorry never even knew this had multiplayer i have a modded save and well i have not even played it yet so i was just asking how far in the game it was as i was going to use this but if its only for multiplayer then it dont matter thanks for this info anyway :thumbsup:

Np =]

legit thanks :smiley:

where is the credits for this save.i think creds should be givin where it is due :expressionless:

not to be rude or anything but can you at least tell him to give credit where credit is due.or do you guys not care about giving creds to the original people that make the stuff like the one who modded that save and posted it.i should at least get a thanks.

it worked… gonna try it out now thanks buddy

and this is messed up cause i found a random video of some dude on youtube and he gave credits by showing my name and saying where he got the save from.thats how it should be done. shouts to EXJIGSAW

At least give credit to the creator of the save. The guy thats spent hours working on mods for two worlds is called pope.
The file was created by and for XPGamesaves

Its called common courtesy.

If we had something from this site we would give credits.

Yes we do require members to register before downloading. Its in a bid to stop leechers. Apparently that doesnt work!

Thanks to the op for at least trying to credit.

Gonna try this out :smiley:

yet another case of our files from xpg being leeched to **** with no credit given at all
pretty sad to say this is a sposed "modding site"
feel free to ban me from this place as i`ll be doing the same for Cheater912 on our site :wink:
peace out

how much exp is on that save?

Could you host it again, on another site?