UFC Undisputed 3 | SUPERCAF RELEASE (Completely Customizable)

Ive created a copy of my Retired Supercaf (253 overall) (created using a jtag - thanks to simplyiceman)

  • All strikes/subs/g+p/everything is maxed to 225
  • You can load him up and edit EVERYTHING. Name, Look, Skills, Attributes. Etc (just like a new CAF)
  • You can LOWER the Skills and Attributes from 225 to 87 for a more balanced fighter, heck do what you like.
  • You can take him through Career Mode.

You’ll need to take my SYSTEM_DATA aswell as the SUPERCAF save in order for it to work, simply reshash & resign both files, overwrite this SYSTEM_DATA with yours and load him up.

Download & Enjoy!

*This was released so people can create CAFs and not have to worry about Skills and Attributes being limited, with this release, there is no need for boost packs - please dont use any fighters you create online.

Damn it! I just returned the game considering i was renting it…
Just 1 day short, but seems like it will be great work!
Hopefully works.

Thanks salatron, i’ll let you know later on today if I get it to work without your sys dat.

looks pretty cool

You do need the System Data for it to work.

Yea, Variious is right. I couldnt get it to work either.

please send us your system data please?

I’ll have the system data uploaded within the next 5-10 minutes :smiley:


heres a save with both supercaf and system data.


Dont post on my thread, stay on your own.

PLUS you cant change the name or anything of your release, my release you can edit the CAF entirely, and its not JUST for Career.

Thanks for posting you CAF and System data, any ideas on how long before upload, cant wait to try it
thanks alot:thumbsup:

right now :smiley: enjoy!

cool, ill test it as soon as i have the link and get back to you a.s.a.p to let you know how i get on, once again thanks

Just trying to help everyone. Dont be so bloody childish

says data may be corrupted and cannot be used?

oops, looks like u failed O.P

you tried it yet??

whose the one being childish now…

any ideas mate?

Sorry O.P but u had it coming

my save works, feel free to use my save.