Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I saw it myself. sadness. :frowning: the never ending battle of fixing stuff only to break again when the game updates. :frowning:


Yeah and there are a lot to fix too , so it might be in this way for a while.


Yes, as of 1.21 fast build, money and prestige seems broken. :frowning:


to be fair the game has had about 3 updates in a week for crying out loud how broke is this game to need that many

I know and it sucks. the only ones i use in there is the infinate money one the insta tech one the infinate ammo and the god mode one. with occationally using the insta construction for ship building, with the final one for insta increasing the size of the yard to fit larger ships and passivelly increase the tonage limit to fit more ships in.

Game updated as usual etc. IDK which one of your stuff broke or so but will look in to it while playing the game.

found it, it’s the unlimited money cheat that is broken this time. then again i’m not in the campagin map yet so there is that bit.

There is actually more not working at the moment.

  • Fast build not working at all (cannot be enabled)
  • Low water leves has no effect (can be enabled)
  • No unrest has no effect (can be enabled)

God mode, and unlimited ammo work fine. Everything tested in campaign mode.

I hope, the daily fixes have come to an end now. I don’t expect mod updates the day after an update, but it would be nice if someone could look into the issues reported above

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In the new 1.2.3 update, the mod is not working for some of it. This is what still works and doesn’t.


The Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

what happened to the unlimited ship weight mod?

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Trainer needs a hotfix as an update was released yesterday

God mode has stopped working
Fast build has stopped working
Unlimited Money has also stopped working

I really appreciate the time you take updating these cheats, I know it must be annoying to constantly update the cheats after they update the game like a week later, so again, thank you.

I would love for this to come back!

Hi @MrAntiFun,
thank you for doing your best to keep the trainer updated, dispite the developer patching the game multible times a week.
I’ve got a Mod suggestion:
Add a further option for research that boosts the blue priority viles, so it’s an instant research only for the selected tech. That way one can avoid that smaller tech-trees, that end sooner than others and have recurring research, boost and debuff tech too the moon and back (example: Torpedoprotection-it gets better at protecting, but it also gets unbelivably heavy. Sometimes too heavy to fit it on a ship).
That way I can research distroyer- and crusier-hulls early on, without having to worry that I can’t put on the best Radar on my battleships in later game (once again, because it got too heavy).
Thx for hearing me out. :grin: :+1:


Played around 10 hours since the last game update and the mods seem to be working fine for me.

I very much like and support this idea/concept. It should be seperate from the main research cheat/mod though.

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So I’ve been using it and it seems to work just fine, tho for the funds mod to work you have to adjust the sliders in the finance tab and it’ll put the available funds to 100 million. after you do that tho, if you are spending more than you make then the funds go down so you have to continually adjust the slider to reset the funds. Not complaining about it, just wanted to inform anyone else who uses it so they know that it actually works.

its never been a thing though it should be

Game has had a major update and the cheats require updating so that they work with the update