Ultimate Face-bombing thread!

Ultimate Face-bombing thread

Thought we’d have an ‘Ultimate’ face-bombing thread here. I think we should bring back the Jokes section though, this would be more suitable in there.

Basically face-bombing is when you find an image with numerous people, get one of there faces, then Photoshop every face to match the certain face.




You should get the idea…


Adding towards this thread is simple enough, there are numerous face-bombing images around the internet, mainly on Google images, Google’s search engine etc. You can create your own if you are pretty good at using Photoshop or an image editing program.

Note; This is a joke topic, nothing serious should be posted within here. Use it responsibly without adding in the necessary comments which aren’t contributing towards the topic itself.

Thanks. :wink:

Warning don’t look at images while eating!

Open Me

Why shouldn’t I do so? :3

Them eye’s !

I think I get it…

I was going to post a picture I have with a guy that had his face blown off but ehh.

I love it. My favourite so far.

This thread has so much win :smiley:

I suck at photoshop or anything artisitc or I would join in, most of these creep me out

Google facebomb.