Ultimate Halo Reach Thread - CREDIT Mods/Glitches/Boosting/Ranks

lol no problem

update: i have been reset using the target locator glitch bc i used it too dam much!! so dont abuse this!!!

hey what is the weap download, it says auto aim? is that a aim bot? plus if it is, how do i use it? i dont know what to do with “Weap.asc” ? please help me, thank you

it is jtag only read the tut, if you need extra help reply back!!

HUGE UPDATE:Fixed All Downloads, edited some sections, added downloads!! no Modio:P

Just Added a cR Mod TuT!

OMG! This is really freaky, I really thought this was impossible but no lies, E0000314FA661947 is the same profile ID as mine, how is this possible???

read it again its probably not. thats not my profile in the pics!

Added New Sections in the Glitches area!

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update: New hidden spoiler! :wink:

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sorry bro, this thread took me a few hours to make even longer, but np for da cookie

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yes it is:lol:

how do i use the flaming armor
iv done it but it only does it when im signed into a modded account then when i try to go online it wont let me because the account is silver nd when i sign out of the silver account it wont lett me change the party to xbox live

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you will get reset

Already happened so i dont really care anymore. lol :laughing:

When using horizon and the reach credit editor will you get banned, reset or what.?

Now, I know how to use a Nameplate.

Great topic but i decided not to thank it…not cause it is not good but you asked and reminded people to thank your topic like in 5 different places.

nothing, horizon is undectable, and you can only add 1k a day right now, so its ur choice, ive been reset from doin a glitch, and doin the mod may reset you, idk, but i think ull be alright;)

sorry bro i just put it there for people that only view one spoiler i didnt know it cud be soo annyoying:P