Ultimate WaW SVG mod menu with kicking



give all
unlimited ammo
automatic semi-auto weapons
higher jump height
use of the start button
toggle game speed
cartoon mode
tons of points for revive
notarget, ai_disablespawn, ai axis delete (all zombies deleted and stop spawning, toggleable of course)
faster movement speed
far away revives and long down time
triple tap when double tap bought
long knife range
two basic control sets
Developer clantags (“rain”, “cycl”, “cyln”, “move”)


START – activate mods
BACK – switch controls
RB – noclip
LB – godmode

Controls (MAIN)

DPAD UP – notarget, delete zombies, disable spawning
DPAD RIGHT – give all guns
DPAD DOWN – drop current weapon

Controls (KICK)

DPAD UP – notarget, delete zombies, disable zombies
DPAD RIGHT – switch between which player you can kick
DPAD DOWN – kick the selected player

Controls (TOGGLES)

DPAD UP – toggle cartoonmode
DPAD RIGHT – toggle arcademode (needed for the tons of points from revives)
DPAD DOWN – toggle gamespeed


For the kick menu: It will say “unknown command_x” with x being the number of the player that down on the dpad will kick. The numbers correspond to the players position on the scoreboard. You can only kick when you are host, so you will always be player1…

You need to put this on your profile, rehash and resign, and then resume game. Save and quit and then you have the mods…

To use grenades and monkeys and moletovs, just open the menu and change your button layout. Press B to exit the menu, and then you can use your grenades and whatnot. Press start to bind the mods back.

Arcade needs to be on to get a ton of points from revives. It also usually doesn’t work on the first revive for some reason.

It’s hard to keep track of whether arcademode is on or not, so I binded notarget to the same button… When on the toggles control set, if you press dpad right and it says notarget on, then arcademode is on, if it says notarget off, then arcademode is also off. Unless, you already had notarget on by pressing dpad up in the main control set…

Button binds work even when you’re not host. Noclip, godmode, give all, dropweapon, cartoonmode… Timescale looks like it works, but if you’re not host, it just makes it lag for you…

I used “bind2” so that start activates the mods, but still opens the menu… No more pressing guide button to leave the campaign.

This would be epic if it all works, unfortunately I can’t test it out because Microsoft can’t make a console that dies after a year.


Will test in a minute :wink:

What is the revive point binded to?

Hay, is there anyway to edit the text of the menus, i thought that would be cool. And i love this svg

Theirs no text in this.

I have played this one before the kick menu is fun lol.

Yes you can. With a Hex Editor.

how do i put them onto my hardrive? i have downloaded it and got the converter but idk how to add it on…

help please?