UMVC3 Modding help!

Hey everyone! I need some help and I need a fast and accurate response. I have heard in UMVC3, for Xbox 360, you can play as galactus, online, anytime. I know his Hex Code is 33, but when I try it, it does not work at all. I then learned that you have to have a UMVC3 Save File from the PS3, which I obviously don’t have. Does anybody know where I can find a US UMVC3 Save file for PS3, complete with heralds costumes, Magneto’s Alt. costume, and galactus as a preset team? I cannot seem to figure it out and I really wanna do this. I tried this, but it didn’t work, both of them. there were no game0 files, just some other random stuff:

Does ANYONE know how to play as galactus online? If so, can you please give me a PS3 file so I can then convert it to 360 with all the heralds colors and galactus as a side deck (or tell me how to do it with the link above)

I will greatly appreciate it, AND I will mention whoever solves it on my youtube video that I made and give you 100% credit for solving it.

please help me!