Un Corrupt Profile WITHOUT Connecting to Xbox Live?

Is it possible? I Was modding my stuff and horizon showed a STFS error and now my profile is corrupted :cry: Any way to fix it?

Have you tried rehashing and resigning it?

Yeah, I used the quick fix feature and it didn’t work :anguished:

I don’t see another way… Sorry.

I don’t think there is anyway then.
Have you checked to see if Horizon made a .bak of your profile?

Load it in safe mode.

Well this sucks :cry: Nothing wants to work…

Looks like you’re going to have to recover it, why can’t you obtain access to XBL?

Try this. Link


Edit: I can’t read :cry:

yo all you have to do is delete your account off your console (make sure not to delete contents because you’ll erase things bought on marketplace) and recover it off xbox live. simple as handling a 1 v 4 clutch in gears of war 3:lol:

Here watch this Youtube-Un-corrupt Profile

Why should he thank just for giving him a link/.

maybe use a friends xbox to recover then just transfer via usb

You sure you tried Safe Mode? Enable it at the bottom right of Horizon and open your profile in any tool once.