Unable to use disc dlc's

I am trying to inject new “DLCs” with Borderlands, my friend got all 4 DLCs and he sent them to me; and they’re all reading

Game Error (This Disc is unreadable) but the game itself is a Digital Download via the store;
Its doing that to all the DLCs he gave me besides the “Underdome” because I bought that via the store, could that be the issue why nither of them work?

He has them just fine on his console; which is how I got them to begin with; he didn’t download em via the store so i dont get why it aint working. He extracted the files, as I injected them into horizon. i tried playing my borderlands account on both the hard-drive, aswell as the flash drive, same result.

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Are you positive that they’re DRM free versions,and for your region? I’ve added all 4 myself and had no issues.

Also, make sure you have the latest title update for BL. I have TU5 and all mine have always worked.
You can get title updates here: http://xboxunity.net/

You can also try downloading the DRM free ones yourself from here: http://www.zippyshare.com/kill_seth/rurjkuil/dir.html
Get all parts to each DLC and then extract with winrar.

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well they’re disc DLCs so I thought they would be DRM Free anyways? my friend gave me 4 DLCs for skyrim via disc and hadnt had an issue with skyrims but Borderlands aint working for me

anyways; I thought when BL gets updated; it automatically updates via xbox 360 console anyways or do you have to download them yourself?

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If you have a Live profile and are connected while playing BL you should have gotten the update, but maybe you didn’t. And yes, if they’re off of the GOTY edition disc they are DRM free.

I asked about the region thing because I had downloaded all the Dishonored DLC a few years back, but it was PAL instead of NTSC and I received that disc in unreadable message as well. Are you sure your friends region is the same as yours?

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Yeah, he bought his disc’s in the from the pawn shop, Borderlands, but i was just wondering and oh, the general knoxx and the zombie one I download from that archive; says its corrupted i downloaded claptrap and the bank just fine without it being corrupted

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I don’t know what to say about them becoming corrupted, I got mine from there as well as a lot of other people. You could try again. If you’re changing the IDs, or you said injecting them, don’t, Just drag it into Horizon and save it to your device with all IDs being zeros. And make sure you have the proper title update, I think you need at least 3 for all the DLCs to work, but 5 is the latest. If you can’t get them to work let me know and I’ll upload one of mine for you to see if it works.

i’ll try again; he just sent me the picture of his disc and it does say NTSC right on the disc with add-on’s; but if you could post yours for me; that’d be awesome; torrents do work but only if you want to do that; I own a VPN so i can do it that way if you do.