Unbind a key for cheat

Hello there,
I have a simple question.
Is there some way how to unbind some key?
For example I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda and there is really lot’s of cheats. And because I’m using just 10% of cheats, then I would like to unbind the others. Also some of them are bind on keys which I sometimes need to use for other purposes, like numeric keyboard…

You can use key combinations.

edit: - for binding. You can bind 1 cheat to multiple keys that needs to be pressed at the same time.

Yea, that’s the one way of solution. Maybe it’s good suggestion for possibility to unbind some cheat. Meaby if you will hit ESC during edit, it will unbind it? O.o

nopes, esc will bind that cheat to ‘esc’ key :grinning:
Its better to bind to multiple keys so the cheats won’t activate

Yeah people have suggested it before. I guess it would be useful, at least when you run the game in the background for extended periods of time.

The “Delete” key or “Del” key (not backspace) will change key to “Not Set”.

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