Unformatted Drive after restoring Partition 2


I followed this guide to restore Partition 2. Although I skipped to the Xplorer360 part to restore Partition 2 and got the Partition2.bin from here. It restored successfully. But I connected it to the Xbox and it showed up as ‘Unformatted’.

It is still recognized by Xplorer360, FATXplorer, Modio, and NOT Horizon. Surprisingly. 100% of my saves are still intact and are NOT corrupted. Although formatting the drive and backing up 100gb’s of my Hard Drive is not ideal…

So here’s my question, what’s the easiest way to restore the Hard Drive, without formatting. I was thinking that deleting Partition 2 will let me access it by the Xbox again. Although that’s a long shot (before adding it in Xplorer there wasn’t a Partition 2, only 0 and 3.)

Anyone? Sorry for spamming but I need this xbox up and running.